Investment Products

At GPS Capital Management, we manage three distinctly different active equity portfolios catered to individual investor's risk tolerance, time horizon and expected long term return.

  • GPS Dividend Equity strategy seeks cash flow and appreciation and holds small to large-cap names that offer attractive and stable dividend yields.
  • GPS Tactical ETF strategy seeks appreciation and minimal drawdowns by tactically rotating between equity and fixed income ETFs.
  • GPS Growth strategy seeks appreciation and holds equity positions with above average growth rates in earnings, sales, and improving profitability.

Concentrated Position

If you have concentrated position with your portfolio, it presents a few additional consideration and possible complication. Extreme Volatility, Tax Consequences, Company and Market Risk are just few of them.

At GPS, we can customize a strategy to manage concentrated position. These strategies can achieve risk protection, enhancing return, and manage tax liability, etc.

Option Income Portfolio

Option Income Portfolio may be better suited for investors who are more risk adverse, yet demand consistent return. This unique portfolio strategy has achieved consistent return which is above the respective traditional bond portfolio with incremental risk. If you like steady return, low market correlation and enhance return, please contact us!