Privacy Statement

Effective March 1, 2013

The Privacy Policy below explains how we handle the information we have in our records that is personal and private to you. It reiterates our commitment to keeping that information confidential.

In the course of providing our services to you, we may collect non-public information about your life, health, and financial situation. We do not disclose this information to third parties, except as required by law. If we were to anticipate such a change in Firm policy, we would be prohibited under the law from doing so without advising you first and allowing you the opportunity to "opt out" of such disclosure. Our policy regarding your personal information is as follows:

  • The nonpublic personal information that we collect from a Client is essential to linking the Client's investment strategy to his/her/their life or lives. It may include information about personal finances, health, family relationships, and information regarding transactions with third parties.
  • Employee access to your information is limited to those who have a business or professional role in maintaining our relationship with you.
  • GPS Capital Management, LLC requires strict confidentially in our relationships with third parties, such as your CPAs and Estate Planning Lawyers with whom we may discuss your personal information. Federal and state regulators may review Firm records as permitted by law.
  • GPS Capital Management, LLC does not disclose personal information to third parties unless we are required by law to do so, or have obtained your permission in advance.
  • GPS Capital Management, LLC maintains a secure office and computer environment to ensure that your information is not placed at risk.
  • Personally identifiable information about you will be maintained during the time you are a Client, and for the time thereafter that such records are required to be maintained by federal and state laws.
  • All e-mail sent to GPS Capital Management, LLC will be received by our firm's e-mail system and may be subject to archival and review by someone other than the addressee.